Latex Fashion in London

This project was brainstormed with my friends Dirk and Rubberboy over breakfast the day of a video shoot in London, after filming all day in the studio for a different project we got barely five hours sleep before getting up early and getting dressed in full latex for another day of shooting in the urban jungle of London. We decided on a concept where we all photo/video document the journey; the photographer becomes the muse, the muse gazes through the lens of the photographer and the unseen third eye captures the experience unfolding beyond ordinary sight. As we all shared an appreciation of latex we decided to wear black catsuits. Latex, although growing in popularity, is still not common nor a conventional type of fabric used in clothing and is rarely seen or worn in broad daylight currently. Some would fear the negative assumptions, stigmatisation and judgement from others, so we decided to explore this aspect through a creative experimental journey. I encountered mixed reactions ranging from bystanders barely taking a glance through to a few instances where admiring men of all ages would politely ask to take a photo of me alongside them, which I happily obliged. With this insight and exploratory experience it produced a multi layer of visuals by differing talents, resulting with my eyes wide open and making sense of what is around me. Scroll down for the screenshots of the latex in London shoot and the video itself. Special thanks to: Rubber Boy Kinky rubber world Regulation Libidex clothing

Latex in London Video
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