My relationship with leather began at the age of eight, after my father returned home from an East London flea market having bought himself a vintage leather cap. I remember nervously sneaking it into my room and carefully placing it on my head and pushing my dark, silky hair away from my youthful angelic face whilst striking a variety of fashion poses in the mirror. As I tilted it at an angle the person staring back whispered, "You are sexy". At no time before had these very words been uttered by this eight year old child, something clicked and she never looked back.

Exiled from Vietnam after the war during ethnic cleansing, my family made the difficult journey through Hong Kong on the way to London. I was raised by Vietnamese/French and Chinese parents and grew up in a diverse and multicultural London. With a post war upbringing and a strong patriarchal, confucian influence, this culture didn't always blend well with the sights and sounds that I wanted to immerse myself in London. Growing up first generation after the war in such an amazing city developed my thirst and natural inquisitive, creative nature into human psychology, sociology, race, gender roles, identity, sexuality and freedom of speech. Discovering the freedom of artistic creativity and expression helped encourage me along my path. My mixed heritage and intertwining cultures of East and West presented me a wealth of insightful instances, some of which were inspiring, admirable, some were even conflicting, my early and formative years were a baptism of fire that forged me into what I am here today, unwavering strength and determination. 

My journey so far has been both thought provoking and inspiring, venturing into the history of art, dark alternative arts, performance art, fashion, film making and production, photography, travel and the sub cultures of the London alternative scene and beyond. Through sharing my thoughts and experiences I hope to encourage and inspire other like minded individuals to explore and express themselves in a safe environment without stigmatisation, negative judgement and harm. I am always looking to collaborate and work with like minded people, so please to get in touch and lets discuss a project. I also offer professional visual media services and one on one consultations.
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