Collared By Me Pt 1 

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~ Goddess Maya Liyer​​​​​​​
After many months of begging Me to give you a chance and go on a date together,
 we end up back at My place after an evening of dancing in London. Of course, you were out of your depth and shrunk into the corner like a shy little bitch as I had so much fun on the dance floor grinding up against real men and teasing them all.
But here we are, by now it should be apparent that we are never going to be an item, 
that is why you are on the floor like a little mutt, gazing up at me helplessly. Oh don't get me wrong, I will keep you around, I have a very nasty sadistic streak and enjoy nothing more than humiliating little beta males like you.

It's no use trying to resist, you are already deep in a trance-like state with your mind wandering in and out of fantasies that you have about me. 
You are all confused and not sure if you are imagining Me telling you that you will wear a collar and leash and be My slave, or whether it is actually happening. 
Just Relax, 
this whole experience is going to be much easier for you if you don't resist and give yourself over to the position of a mindless slave in My life. You will thank me for giving you this opportunity, now bring that tongue over here.
Imagine you are mesmerised and hypnotised, under my spell. What would you do for me?

You can resist my spell-blinding beauty and charm.
 Join me at the beginning of this journey as I will be releasing regular therapy session videos, I want to see how weak and pathetic you become as I break you down mentally into a hopeless, mindless slave for my legs and feet. 
Do you think you can step out of your comfort zone, 
meet your fate and becoming my collared personal slave?
Watch "Collared By Me".
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( Photo below is " Mesmerizing Stocking Therapist " )
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