Dear Goddess Maya

We are hurtling towards the end of 2016 and I want to take a moment to reflect on the year. I just need to tell you how much I have enjoyed my visits and our interactions. You stimulate me on so many different levels. The key is you have taught me to understand my body and feel alive.

Every visit is as exciting as the first. Dry mouth and butterflies in the stomach on the day. A surge of excitement when you open the door. A sneaky look at your well arranged shoes, but hanging on your every word. My masculine drive and Trump mentally to grab what I want, overridden by the much more powerful emotion to serve and please such an amazing person.

Every visit I take away something new. You are an assault on my senses. Intellectually you put my brain in overdrive. Visually your great beauty mesmerises me. The sound of your voice is music to my ears. Many memorable  moments, but the texture lesson springs to mind. The contrast between the feel of the expensive shoe, the stocking and the bear leg. You ability to control my heart rate, pushing it through the roof and bringing back down. The after care. Hands and nails that are both beautiful but dangerous.

Dipped into filming this year. A totally different experience from one to one sessions, but hugely enjoyable in their own way. Everyone should try both. Your new website is extremely creative. Love the concept of Black Widow Spider and the way she climbs through the floorboards ready to drag an unsuspecting victim to their fate. An Alice in Wonderland flavour of a world below of your favourite fantasies or worse nightmares.

You are without doubt the best in your chosen field. I would encourage anyone to take a trip to London and see what excitement and enlightenment Goddess Maya and the city can offer.


I bet you enjoyed reading this testimonial from the lucky Beast. If you had the privilege of a fantasy fulfilment with Maya Liyer, submit your story and you may be featured on this page.


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