Now, just remember that my background is in engineering and that words are not necessarily my strongest point. Nevertheless, I will endeavour to articulate how I felt that day and what my memories are of our first encounter.....

I first became aware of Goddess Maya through her online video collection. I had always been attracted to Dommes who use a mixture of sensual, seductive play along with a more cruel, sadistic approach to domination. The advantage of seeing a lady in action in a movie is that when the time comes to describe exactly what it is that you hope to achieve in your encounter, it's simply a case of naming a few of your favourite movie scenes and asking her to incorporate those into the session. This is especially beneficial to someone like me who struggles to articulate exactly what I want and what I expect. So, after a brief exchange of emails and a quick introductory phone call, I arranged to meet Goddess Maya at her London apartment. 

The directions were concise and easy to follow and she even went as far as to include how many flights of stairs I would encounter in the Tube station! I arrived at her door and was greeted by a warm, friendly face. Part of me wanted her to drag me inside immediately and have her way with me but she wisely decided that it was best to get to know each other a bit better before engaging in any activities. Being a shy person by nature, it can take me a long time before I get comfortable in unusual surroundings and circumstances but Goddess Maya made me feel relaxed and welcome in her apartment. After a brief tour and conversation I was told, or rather, ordered to prepare myself for our session.

I won't write a detailed explanation of every activity that we engaged in as most people reading this review will already be familiar with the various fetish activities that take place in a BDSM session suffice to say that Goddess Maya is proficient in everything that she does. I would however, like to mention one standout moment In my previous encounters with Dommes, I had always felt that I was the one in control. This usually left me slightly underwhelmed and disappointed as I have always wanted to experience what it feels like to be genuinely owned and enslaved; to have someone enforce their will upon mine. I finally got to live out this fantasy early in the session when I asked Goddess Maya to stop an activity that we were engaged in (I should point out that I was in no danger or in no way "beyond my limits") but she refused and smacked me across the face. This filled me with excitement as I could sense that here was a lady who could quite easily break me. I can only imagine that it takes great instinct and confidence in one's own ability to understand when a sub is asking you to stop but, deep down, wants you to push him further. Fortunately, Goddess Maya is blessed with this gift and used it to help me fulfill my fantasy, a fantasy which I hope to explore further with her in time. There are so many scenarios and possibilities that I believe she will be able to help me fulfill. Some a little more extreme than others.

For any submissive who has dreamed about meeting a girl who lures you to your "doom", I would recommend a visit to Goddess Maya. If you want a Mistress who will push you, fill you with excitement and introduce a hint of danger, then look no further. An excellent encounter that left me with a great deal of food for thought. 

Dr D Dublin
I bet you enjoyed reading this testimonial from the lucky DR D Dublin. If you had the privilege of a fantasy fulfilment with Maya Liyer, submit your story and you may be featured on this page.

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