I first contacted Maya in Mid 2015 at a very interesting stage in my life. In terms of BDSM, I had been sessioning on a casual basis with professional dommes for a couple of years by that time but I was seeking something different this time around. 

After struggling with my weight for a number of years, struggling to hold down relationships as a result and harbouring a lot of guilt about my kinks, I decided to try something different. By exploring a more psychological and long term D/S arrangement I hoped that I could turn around my patterns and lose the weight. 

Maya is selective about who she chooses to work with so I was very glad to hear back from my initial email, I was even more happy when I got to meet her for the first time. I’m not going to say too much about how she looked except to say that I was particularly happy to secure her interest as I am an absolute sucker for women from her background. Instead I prefer to talk about all other aspects of the time with her because it was a great example of how BDSM had a number of benefits in my life. 

So the basic idea that I had put to Maya was that I was weighed every 1-2 weeks in person and am rewarded if I do well, punished if I do badly. I also listed a few BDSM related activities that I liked and disliked to give Maya an idea of how I could be rewarded and punished. 

Once I got started, what I was about to experience was going to be a much deeper experience than I realised. At the first session I was greeted and led upstairs and instructed to sit at Maya's feet where the ground rules were set out. I was stripped naked and asked to lay on the floor face down, and my status as Maya’s worm was set. This achieved two things, firstly it gave me a starting point to achieve from and gave me a real sense that I was ‘starting from the bottom’ and it also removed all pretence from me. It also felt quite beautiful that even as I was laying on the floor naked I was still of value, I felt a sense of calmness at my goddesses feet which felt even better when I was permitted to lay my head on her lap for a few short moments at the end of the session. As my first time entering into a longer term D/S arrangement the first encounter left such a strong imprint of my mind that I was hooked and there was nothing I wanted to do more than lose the weight to please my new mistress from there on out. 

At this point I think it’s very important to point out that the physical side of things in BDSM can be such a small part of a D/s partnership. In totality during the four months we initially worked together, and the recent arrangements we shared in 2017, the amount of physical BDSM contact amounted to me kissing Mayas feet once, and being allowed to lay my head on her lap only a couple of times.  The thing was, since Maya rationed out the rewards so strictly even the smallest contact or level of attention became a great reward in itself. For the first month or so I did well and when I returned back I was reassured of my progress, rewarded and sent home happy. 

I’d like to talk about the week where I messed up in more detail though. I admitted that I had eaten badly and not met my weight loss target. I was expecting to be badly physically punished (because I have never been into pain and Maya knew this), instead Maya decided to let me take her out for a meal. She then proceeded to order a large number of things from the menu for me including two desserts and she made me eat everything, taking only a few things for herself. She then sent me home and ignored me for the next two weeks. The session was hugely powerful and the negative reinforcement ensured that I never went wrong again. 

Over the four months I managed to lose weight from around 17 and a half Stones to around 14 and a half, so around 40 pounds in total. And I couldn’t have done it without the huge impression Maya made on my mind. During the sessions we also got to talk through lots of root causes for my issues with weight and also discuss my relationship with BDSM as well, uncovering a lot of things which helped me afterwards. For example, the process gave me confidence to raise BDSM with future partners and because I knew how to raise it in the right way, not one person who I subsequently dated was put off by my kinkiness. In fact, it became a wonderful thing to explore and made my subsequent partners excited to share with me and pleased that I trusted them enough to share it with them. 

So I managed to keep the weight off for a couple of years but gradually it increased again so I returned to Maya in 2017 while she was struggling with her injury. This time around we embraced technology with an online training regime involving me sending evidence of all meals eaten every day as well as exercise completed. The regime also included a weekly skype check in to reinforce progress and do short workouts together as well.  Getting the structure and discipline back worked really well and by utilising gadgets such as my Fitbit I rediscovered my passion for walking and hiking again. 

This time around the process was a little more hands off and it needed to be because it was important for me to try to permanently beat the bad patterns and do so for myself rather than someone else, and also to learn that building a BDSM framework is not always necessary for self improvement. The framework did help though as I managed to lose another 20 pounds in two months working with Maya. I finished the job at an overseas yoga retreat and came back finally empowered to take the reigns myself at controlling my weight which will only benefit myself and future partners.
In a way I have now come full circle with my journey into BDSM. Finally once again it can become a source of pure joy and release from my daily responsibilities to myself, as it was at the start of my journey. It's also a great source of meditation to me in that I can clear my own thoughts and let my mistress fill it with her wishes. I know that moving forward I have a great confidant in Maya and the time we shared will always be of great value to me. Maya is a perfectionist in her work (sometimes to her own cost) and I am forever grateful to her for giving me the gift of her perfection over the years.
I look forward to serving Maya again soon when she is 100% healed and ready to take over the world once again.
 I bet you enjoyed reading this testimonial from the lucky Slim Tim. If you had the privilege of a fantasy fulfilment with Maya Liyer, submit your story and you may be featured on this page.

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