Dear Goddess Maya,

Thank You very much for the session and the later photo shoot on Sunday-it was really very good!. I have sent off the black and white photos and it will take about a week before they return and i will let You know how things are when they arrive. i am hoping for the best and i trust that they will do some justice to Your beauty,  We shall see. If at all possible perhaps we can another few shots following a session and perhaps i will bring a tripod as the light was a little low. i hope that You will enjoy the book on the Hollywood movie star photos-i think that some are works of art.

You really do know how to inflict t0rture and i have never been bitten or slapped so hard before! i do however look forward to receiving more of the same and other t0rtures at Your hands soon!   And thank You for allowing me to kiss Your wonderfully sexy and bare (well almost) Arse. It is also a very cruel torture device and i hope that we can try something similar again......please.

If You recall Goddess Maya, i did say that perhaps we could try a double session one day. However i think that would detract from the intensity of a one to one session with You-so i am not so sure now.

Anyway I wish You an enjoyable week and i will drop You a quick line when the photo's arrive and i do hope that You did get some enjoyment from our last meeting. Hope to meet again soon.

Very best wishes,

Pris0ner john   
I bet you enjoyed reading this testimonial from the lucky Pris0ner john. If you had the privilege of a fantasy fulfilment with Maya Liyer, submit your story.

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