I'd like to commission another clip if Maya is interested. Let me know and I'll send the details :)

I was thinking a clip where Maya is a secretary and I am her boss. She has caught me from time to time stealing glances at her, especially when she wears a sexy pair of nylons. Today she decides to confront me about it, beginning with some seemingly innocent teasing and gradually growing more direct. I try to deny her accusations at first, but she weakens me more and more until I am on my knees, completely submissive. She laughs at how easy it is to control me with just her legs and feet, and finally tells me that she will be taking my job, and I will be kept under her desk as her personal slave, an arrangement that I agree to instantly.

Thanks, Nylon J


Hi Maya,

I just wanted to say thanks for the clip, it was fantastic! You really nailed it all, the outfit, scenario. I couldn't come up with a criticism if I wanted to. =P

Usually when I come across a model that I really like I try to send a few clip requests their way, just to show my support more than just buying a few clips from a store. I've seen your website and I have to say that you in particular have a very cool and unique business. I think it's pretty sweet that you're self employed too, I hope to one day be in a similar situation. So yeah, just wanted to say thanks for the clips and I wish you success =D

Nylon J

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