Dear Goddess,

Firstly thank you for such a wonderful and memorable time. The two hours flew by and I can barely think of anything else since then.

I had high hopes when meeting you and you surpassed them. As I told you its been quite a while but you put me completely at ease and knew exactly what I had in mind. I hope you felt the energy we created and I certainly feel we clicked.

I absolutely loved being your $l*tty wh0re to be dressed, used and humiliated by you. I'm just getting over that used feeling in my pu$$y and just want more, I'm such a $l*t. I have never been teased and aroused so much I was shocked.

You really are so beautiful I loved your outfit and your manner both in and out of session. There are so many things I want to experience with you and I feel we have just started. I hope you don't feel I am being too presumptuous and I pray I can meet you again.

I would love to visit you again in 2 or 3 weeks time if you have availability? Also if there's ever a need for an assistant or a filming opportunity please let me know.

Please let me thank you once again. I can't say how lucky I feel to have found you from your website and the honour to meet you. It was truly wonderful. I really hope that you enjoyed yourself too.

Yours always

Your $I$$Y $L*T
I bet you enjoyed reading this testimonial from the lucky $i$$y $l*t. If you had the privilege of a fantasy fulfilment with Maya Liyer, submit your story and you may be featured on this page.

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